Monday, 4 July 2011

A squidgey bit more research...

I was looking through a few of my folders a few days ago when I came across a page I once photocopied…. This image below is by designer Karen Hall, and I find it to be truly amazing to look at. The linear drawing is fantastic and so complex. I love that there is a lot of pattern going on and it becomes a very busy image. My eyes don’t know where to focus!! Karen Hall is an illustrator and the rest of her work can be seen on her website below J

Working progress

Woo Hoo!! With my design development underway I have began to piece together some more of my designs... These are only working progress but I thought I’d put them on here to see what people think so far. I’m designing toward furniture with this collection of sea life :)


Below are a few more images of some embellishing that I worked on to these designs once they were printed on to sample fabrics. I have used a variety of hand sewing techniques including basic stitching and French knotting.


design development

Here are a few of my current design sheets. I am working on my design development which is helping my creative thinking process. The majority of my design sheets are drawn or painted using media such as fine liners, inks or acrylic. I design in a linear format and then transform my images into designs using the Adobe CS5 program.

As well as looking at shells and fossils I also began to look in the human form in relation to our surroundings, including shells and crustaceans etc. I feel that we often forget the beauty that we have been given in the form of shells, fossils and crustaceans. They provide us with unique patterns and colours that are completely natural and never mass produced.

Research and Inspiration for my Final Major

I absolutely love these couches by interior designer Kathleen Hay! I adore the detailing in the imagery and the simplicity of the overall design. These pieces give me great inspiration for my final major collection as I can see that simple designs can be just as effective as busy designs.

I have also been looking in to the use of black and white imagery when laid over colourful imagery. When looking through the Designer’s Guild website, as well as their central London store, I found they have a wonderful collection of bags that are designed in this way. Below shows a few examples of the use of Black and white imagery on a coloured or patterned surface.