Tuesday, 24 May 2011


I have always preferred to work with a nice solid line, preferably in black although i do use a variety of colours in some of my work. I have a passion for linear drawings and designs which inspire me when I design. I have recently come across a lot of designers that I feel work in a way, that one day, I hope to do. to begin with is illustrator Nadia Flower, whose work is almost dreamy and she uses quite light, flowing colours. she also uses solid black line drawings which she uses in an arabesque way or by pasting the shapes in to another object. I looked at this work a lot throughout my final major as i felt my work related to this in a small way.

As well as these black and white images Nadia Flower also designs some brightly coloured linear work which has been placed on to a darker background to make the colours stand out more. 

I love the colours in these pieces as they seem to stand out so brightly. I really enjoy the contrast between  the bright colours and the deep dark backgrounds. I also like that she has kept the quality of her line drawings and so her work has remained linear but with some silhouetting.



Tord Boontje has been inspiring my work since my years at college. I love how simple the designs and shapes in his pieces are, but yet when put together create a mass of complexity and detail. I have been looking at his use of laser cutwork on a range of products including chairs and even lamp shades. Here are a few images of some of his work that I am more partial to.

His collections are remarkable and are amazing to look at. I admire how much thought goes in to each tiny detail of the fabric and then again in the presentation. Some of his more recent work has taken him to create ceramics, which is what my own specialism lies within. These are just a few of his ceramics that  I find to be more individual and quirky.


Another designer that I have found whilst researching is Ginny Avison who specialises in patchwork furniture. She embellishes her furniture using brightly coloured carpenters nails as well as large brass buttons. I really enjoy looking at these patchwork pieces as they are so energetic and colourful. As well as sofas, Ginny Aviston also creates a range of pet beds, bed boards and footstools!!! My final degree show work is based on upholstering fabrics and so these designs have given me inspiration in my creative process. i love the bright colours of the fabrics that have been used and tell that there is a great deal of time and consideration that goes in to every piece.

Pet bed.

Corner sofa.

Normal sofa.

I also like that this designer creates patchwork furniture for our fuzzy friends too. I had never considered animal bedding although from seeing this work I am now trying to expand my collection further by thinking of products a little 'outside the box'.


Inspirational designers

Throughout my final year I have been toying with the idea of creating some sort of modern/funky chair. I love the idea of patchwork and so I managed to come across a company that specialises in this exact thing!!!

Squint limited is a company that specialise in unique furniture created from a mixture of fabrics. I personally LOVE their creations as they all have their own identity. I was so inspired by Squints bespoke furniture and especially some of the colour pallet that they use.

The main thing that attracts me to these pieces is that there is so much information on each piece which draws the viewer in. I find my eyes darting all over the furniture trying to take in all the sections of fabric at once. Squint limited are not just limited to chairs and sofa's, they all design cushions and lampshades as well as some miscellaneous objects.