Tuesday, 24 May 2011


Another designer that I have found whilst researching is Ginny Avison who specialises in patchwork furniture. She embellishes her furniture using brightly coloured carpenters nails as well as large brass buttons. I really enjoy looking at these patchwork pieces as they are so energetic and colourful. As well as sofas, Ginny Aviston also creates a range of pet beds, bed boards and footstools!!! My final degree show work is based on upholstering fabrics and so these designs have given me inspiration in my creative process. i love the bright colours of the fabrics that have been used and tell that there is a great deal of time and consideration that goes in to every piece.

Pet bed.

Corner sofa.

Normal sofa.

I also like that this designer creates patchwork furniture for our fuzzy friends too. I had never considered animal bedding although from seeing this work I am now trying to expand my collection further by thinking of products a little 'outside the box'.


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