Wednesday, 30 March 2011

My finished work!!! :D

For my liverpool design show collection I produced this range of ceramics ( below ). I have used a fine line drawing technique combined with a use of photoshop skills to create a modern range of dinnerware.

Here i have designed four different selections of dinnerware. Each has a less complex design for the smaller plate and a more complex design for the larger plates. I was really pleased with the way these designs came out on the plates as they have a fresh, modern feel to them. 

Inspiration for liverpool work.

For my liverpool design show work I wanted to create a range of printed ceramics. I began by looking at current ceramic designers such as

Above is the work of Laura Zindel. She creates fine detailed drawings which she then prints on to earthenware products. More of her work can be seen via her blog below.

Another ceramic designer I looked at was Xenia Taylor who designs tiles using brightly coloured creatures and patterns. 

I liked looking through Xenia's website as it gave me an insight to the different type of ceramics and printing. More of her ceramics and tiles can be seen on her website

Lastly another designer and one of my favourite ceramic designers is Esther Coombs. Esther Coombs designs ceramics using fine black line drawings which are beautiful to look at. The detailing is of high quality and shows a vast amount of skill.

More of her work can be seen on her site
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Liverpool design show.

EEkkkkk!!! Third and final year has finally arrived!!! I began this year by jumping straight in to the liverpool design show. We had seven weeks from starting back to design and create work that could be entered and even possibly sold in the show. Below are some of my hand drawn images which I then developed to use on ceramics.

Slices of Limestone (above).

Different types of sea urchins ( above ).

A range of shells and cells ( above ).

Check out the liverpool design show 2011!!!


At the end of my military project I eventually decided I wanted to look in to making cushions and so these below were the end result. I digitally printed these samples which I then beaded on the top of.

This design below had all the black sections beaded on top of which was a rather lengthy process, but looked very elegant in the end.

This piece below I decided not to bead on to, so instead I quilted over the circular shapes instead.


This is the Lord Kitchener poster which was used for recruiting in the first World War (WWI). I looked at this poster for its use of font and drawing. i wanted to try and recreate this type of sketchy look in my work.

Below is a page from my sketchbook that shows the type of writing I was looking at. I got these fonts from old military clothing, luggage and mail. I wanted to expand my take on weapons and texture in to embroidered writing types.

Below is one of my smaller sewing samples from my sketchbook. Other than just weaponry, I also looked at things that would protect you from weapons in the war, such as gas masks and different types of protective clothing. This piece below is a quilted gas mask and at the side are two types of beading techniques that would later be incorporated in to the quilted piece.

I looked in to the various different types of barbed wire and bullets crossed with an arabesque style to give an almost lovely look to items.

For my final module in my second year we were working towards a military theme. I chose to look at weaponry and old packaging / textures.

Over printing.

In my second semester of my second year at university we started to look at printing techniques as well as over printing techniques. The samples below have been digitally printed but have not yet been over printed. We used techniques such as foil, flock and puff.

I am not a religious reader of Tatler Magazine although, after finding a lot of inspiration in their jewellery edition, i couldn't help but keep an eye out for their next edition, which just so happened to their 3ooth Birthday edition. I absolutely love the cover of this edition ( far left image ) especially because it came with two other images of the queen looking rather different than normal. 

More blasts from the past.

The prints below are some from my second year at university, studying textile and surface design. The module we were working on was based on a live project for Hallmark and so we had to complete a brief and submit our work in the competition. We met with the chairwoman of Hallmark to discuss our finished work and themes, which she would then take pictures of, in order to determine a winner. I really enjoyed working towards this live brief as it gave me a chance to experience real life designing as well as timing and the market.

A vast majority of inspiration for this project came from Tatler magazines jewellery edition. I had began this project looking at snowflakes and the glisten they create when falling. By looking at the jewellery edition I was inspire too by the glisten the gems gave. This then encouraged me to continue forth in this project using gems along side and jewellery and eventually make the snowflakes using just the gems to help give that extra sparkle to my work.

What seems like forever ago!!

These are just a few images of some of my first year work. we were working towards a brief titled "daydreams" and so were looking at weird and wonderful objects that were related to our own personal daydream world.

Welcome to my Blog. I decided to go a little bit back in time to share some of my first year design work so I can then show my development throughout my degree. ENJOY!!!!