Wednesday, 30 March 2011


This is the Lord Kitchener poster which was used for recruiting in the first World War (WWI). I looked at this poster for its use of font and drawing. i wanted to try and recreate this type of sketchy look in my work.

Below is a page from my sketchbook that shows the type of writing I was looking at. I got these fonts from old military clothing, luggage and mail. I wanted to expand my take on weapons and texture in to embroidered writing types.

Below is one of my smaller sewing samples from my sketchbook. Other than just weaponry, I also looked at things that would protect you from weapons in the war, such as gas masks and different types of protective clothing. This piece below is a quilted gas mask and at the side are two types of beading techniques that would later be incorporated in to the quilted piece.

I looked in to the various different types of barbed wire and bullets crossed with an arabesque style to give an almost lovely look to items.

For my final module in my second year we were working towards a military theme. I chose to look at weaponry and old packaging / textures.

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