Wednesday, 30 March 2011

More blasts from the past.

The prints below are some from my second year at university, studying textile and surface design. The module we were working on was based on a live project for Hallmark and so we had to complete a brief and submit our work in the competition. We met with the chairwoman of Hallmark to discuss our finished work and themes, which she would then take pictures of, in order to determine a winner. I really enjoyed working towards this live brief as it gave me a chance to experience real life designing as well as timing and the market.

A vast majority of inspiration for this project came from Tatler magazines jewellery edition. I had began this project looking at snowflakes and the glisten they create when falling. By looking at the jewellery edition I was inspire too by the glisten the gems gave. This then encouraged me to continue forth in this project using gems along side and jewellery and eventually make the snowflakes using just the gems to help give that extra sparkle to my work.

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